Can we be heroes?


Post written by Jason Kovach.

God made us in his image but what is that image? Is it the goodness that we had before we fell or is it the free will that he gave us? Maybe it’s our looks? Maybe it’s just how we are on the spirit.. Maybe it’s everything minus the bad that dwells in our flesh. I don’t have the answers but I often wonder even though we are flawed due to the fall.. Can we still be heroes? King David did so much good but he also did a lot of things out of God’s will and he suffered for his mistakes along with Sampson who was mighty but still sinned. These men when we speak of them are followed by words like great, mighty, powerful and David as a man after God’s own heart. I often struggle with thoughts of am I a good man. Obviously none of us are truly all good.

If that were so Jesus wouldn’t have had to die for us right? I go through life day after day doing what I think is good deeds, like feeding stray cats, giving money or food to people in need. I shed tears when I see people suffer and hurt from the ways of the world or from diseases and other obstacles. There’s this part of me that wants to jump in and fight to change things.. Then there’s the part were I don’t wanna move because I’m also hurt. But some how in my worst times in life I can be so down but still cry out to want to do something to help others because I know how it feels to suffer. What things can we do though when the world seems so far gone? Any Christian that reads the Bible knows what’s going to happen and it seems sometimes like why try its gonna end? I ask myself this but then I realize even though this life ends there’s another life and every one else should be able live that second life without suffering and disease! So what do we do!? Be sober and vigilant! The advisory walks around like a roaring lion seeking to devour anyone he can! So can we be heroes like David and others even though they sinned? Yes but only through Christ! I’m writing this to tell myself and others let’s stop being indoor and selective group Christians! It’s for everyone and if we keep it selective then so shall he because he is the judge and decides who goes through the gates due to our works through him!, and he says preach to everyone not just your friends or who you want to be selective to. My brother in Christ Brian has been an inspiration to me when he barely knew me because God told him to be his disciple and do his works, and if God will send someone to me then he will to anyone that is willing to take him into their hearts. We may not be able to save the world but we can save the souls of the world through Christ for the new world! Let’s be Heroes through Christ!

Jason has been a guest author since 2014 and he is also my brother in Christ. It is very exciting for me to see Jason grow in his walk and begin to share his journey with all of us.


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