Taking the Field

fnlightsWhat parallel does Friday night football and our walk with Christ represent?

We all the love a big game right? The pre-game festivities (church), the smack talk (fellowship), and the social media blitz leading up to the big event. It is a craze that can keep us pumped for days, maybe even weeks, in advance. We have a game plan. We are fighters. We are champions.

In our personal life, we may not identify it as a game plan but we practice some sort of routine when it comes to study, prayer, and fellowship. Once we find what is comfortable and seems to work for us, we settle in and the regiment of discipline routine kicks in. But what is comfortable is not always what makes us winners. It is not what makes us grow. We begin to argue like Moses did when God asked him to go in the game. “Lord, please! Send anyone else.” – Exodus 4:13. A reaction you may present to the coach when he calls you up. See, a coaches job mimics what God has done in all of Biblical history. Seeing something in you that you do not see and putting you in the game. You need to step onto the field knowing that God and coach believe in you.

All athletes are disciplined in their training. – 1 Corinthians 9:25

Game night. You’re in the locker room psyching yourself up. It’s about to go down and you are ready to show the world how you can play the game and to let them see the hard word and discipline play out under the lights. Your unstoppable. Isn’t that the way we get up each day as believers? We have worked hard. Studying the game plan. Running our routes and listening to our Heavenly coach teach us about the game. Today is our day. We are unstoppable and now the parade to the field begins.

Listen to all those cheers. There are so many in the stands of our life that believe in us. Win or lose they show up every week in our life and they cheer us on. Chill bumps. Emotions rising. The lights flash on and the coin drops onto the field. It’s game time. Our day begins with a kiss from maybe our mom and dad, our wife and kids, and we exit the house and step onto the playing field of the day. No grass stains, No sore muscles, No missed route.

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. – 1 Corinthians 9:27

We can’t control the game even though we often want to. The plays of the day and game begin to be run and the outcomes often don’t match with how they looked drawn out on our whiteboard. Man, that safety is fast. That lineman is strong. The devil has stuffed me behind the line. How come we can’t score? If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it. – Luke 17:33 In this scripture, Jesus is telling us in reference to Lot’s wife to not to look back and cling to what our life was even moments before. This applies to even our mistakes. Our missed routes, and our turnovers. There are going to be games we lose and there are games we will win. We don’t grow without mistakes and we don’t know where God needs our focus to be unless we face the Goliath on the field. Our fans love us, the coaches love us, and most importantly God loves us.

So, let’s not quickly forget the brotherhood, the hard work, the desire written on our heart to play the game just because we lost this one. The Goliath wins if he make us quit, hang up our helmet, or pack our Bibles away. The lights lit up that field for only a fraction of our life so we need to let the mistakes extinguish when they go out. We need to get back to the practice field. We need to get back the our game plan. We need to be ready when we are called by our coach to take the field again.




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