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Finding joy | Jules Suman

I am super excited to read and share the words of my wife. She had taken a sabbatical from writing for the last couple months and I look forward again to reading her encouraging words that can ignite an excitement for thankfulness in us all. 

Sitting here in my dimly lit living room, feet up, my puppy lying in my lap. The furnace hums, having a difficult time keeping pace with the dropping temperatures outside. In the near distance, voices from the hockey game being played on my son’s tv call the play by play. Outside the picture window bright white snow begins to let go of the sun’s reflection and take to take on twilight. I look at the clock excited that my husband will be home soon and we will break bread together. Giving thanks to God for all of it. I add each of them to my list of gifts I have begun collecting. I do my best to capture these tiny moments in my memory to retrieve when joy seems elusive. For when I am too caught up in myself to truly live in God’s grace and feel His joy that is ever present. These little things are beautiful gifts given to me by a God who is full of grace. For all of these little gifts this afternoon I will be thankful and in them I will find joy.

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Man was made, not man-made

manmadeThe Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it. – Genesis 2:15

From the beginning of creation, man was made to be the guardian over God’s wonderful works and resources. He was to tend to the garden and make sure that it had appropriate care. Being from the origin, man had not made anything himself. Not a tool, not a wheelbarrow, not anything that would aid him in his tasks or work at hand. You could argue that the first thing man-made was a mistake that would cost them their place in Eden and ultimately God sending them out into the world.

So the Lord God banished them from the Garden of Eden, and he sent Adam out to cultivate the ground from which he had been made. – Genesis 3:23 

The definition of cultivate is to try to acquire or develop and this is what man did. He began to travel the plains, mountains, and wilderness and hunted for game to survive. His days were made up with everything God had created. His thanks would have naturally been given to the Creator and he would have marveled at the beautiful skies and the horizon that could have guided his day. God’s creations were all around him and could not be denied. However, man would begin to use the intelligence and pioneering thoughts that God provided and began to populate the beautiful earth with his creations. Over thousands of years of our history man-made things continue to populate and take away from the beautiful landscape that was once created and it casts a dark shadow to hide our origin. Please don’t get me wrong, I love advancement and our ability to continue to improve upon things from medical science to multiple facets of research but man now thanks man for what is being done. But didn’t God create man? So, don’t all things that come from man ultimately come from God?

We will continue on a path to cultivate the earth as our Creator initiated and if it is anything like the pace of the 20th century we will be making and creating a whole lot of stuff. I pray that our thanks to God for all of it doesn’t decline at parallel pace and that through it all we can still see and imagine the beginning and how beautiful it was. How close to God man must have been and how being reliant on His provisions would have been intimate and wonderful. Our flesh will tell us to thank ourselves but let us never forget…

Man was made, not man-made.

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