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50 Shades of Shame


From guest blogger Jason Kovach.

Let me speak on this before I lose my lid.. I think it’s sick that society feeds this garbage to our kids. I’m not talking bout little babies .. I’m talkin bout teenage kids.. you see I was raised with a blind fold to immorality and wasn’t fed this sickness from these books and movies that are meant to make our society become mislead.. God made us in his image with love and a purpose.. But we would rather spit in his face and lift up perversion!! I’m so tired of it all I’m can stand here and scream Jesus was crucified for you! But that ain’t workin…. Women get so abused with lust they feel like their not worth it.. after a while they just accept is as normal.. Then we have movies like this that push the boundaries to a limit ..the world should be ashamed your just taking the devils gimmick.. If people would just look at their wives and husbands the way we should., we wouldn’t want something else, we would be happy we’re we stood. If you’re a Christian it’s time to start speaking up, the devils not taking a break, you really think we should??  I love my brothers and sisters . Thank you for taking time to read this rant. We can do all things in Christ


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Light up the room


Guest post written by Jason Kovach

Have you ever sat and thought about how powerful light is over darkness?  If you wanna test this theory take a lamp and set it in the middle of an open room so it’s a fair fight. If it’s daylight and you cover your windows or you wait til night fall and the room is dark turn on the lamp. Instantly the room will light up and darkness will only hide around corners or in other rooms, and no matter what unless you turn off the light or the bulb burns out literally or metaphorically speaking darkness cannot overcome the light. It just hides waiting for the light to disappear. When you do things in the light you more efficient in just about anything you do besides sleep for the most of us anyways. That brings me to the next part, we sleep in the darkness just like if we walk away from God and stop devoting ourselves to him it’s as we are asleep because we are not doing anything.  We could be doing things we think are righteous but really that’s doing it for you so it’s truly far from walking with God. The good news is as long as we are still breathing and able to think we can still turn the light back on. Just a thought. Super 8 isn’t the only place that can leave a light on.

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I enjoy when Jason Kovach takes time to express his talent and bring a new spin on words from his heart. Thanks for sharing JK. 

Allow me to introduce myself. I am man with no name because I have no fame in this world, but I am not ashamed because I have a name that the lips of the father gave me, and that name is a child. I am a child of God! He is my staff, my rod. He is who I lean on because without him I am just a facade! He breathed the breath of life in me after he stitched me up, so I will walk this narrow path til my lungs give up. My past is my past and yes I can see through the glass behind me that holds the sins I have committed, but what I see he forgets because I am forgiven!

My regrets are an anchor in my own mind! You see the devil is a walking land-mine. He likes to blow up in your face and make his case that you are not worthy to be a Christian, but don’t listen. The slander the snake spits is fake, a plague. He’s a faulty fake wanna be God that’s about out of time. You see he’s a failure for his wickedness and we can beat him with this revision.  A revision of our life. You see we can look back at our lives and say Jesus I am ashamed of who I was or who I am so I chose you, to live your plan. In return he gives everlasting life without sin!  Lol so now that I’m with God go ahead devil tell me where I been. Your just a reminder of why I came to God so I win.. So what!  I don’t fit in?  You can have the ways of the world I choose to live again. I am Reborn!

Renatus (Latin)

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A New render


I want to personally thank Jason Kovach for taking the time to write this post. I get the privilege to serve alongside him and love when he shares with transparency and true feelings about his journey and walk with God.

I use to chase the notion that one day I would be what I wanted to be.. I wanted to be a rock star, a poet, a fighter.. Someone that was something.  Something that the world saw as successful..  I went through years wasting away clawing at myself because no matter what I did I never felt I was good enough. I failed at everything.. I failed at music, I stopped writing, and I have  had a lot of injuries just training to fight. I gotta be honest it hurt when I figured it’s not going to happen.. In the midst of all this, the greatest hurt or pain I have ever felt is heart-break. Read the rest of this entry »

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Can we be heroes?


Post written by Jason Kovach.

God made us in his image but what is that image? Is it the goodness that we had before we fell or is it the free will that he gave us? Maybe it’s our looks? Maybe it’s just how we are on the spirit.. Maybe it’s everything minus the bad that dwells in our flesh. I don’t have the answers but I often wonder even though we are flawed due to the fall.. Can we still be heroes? King David did so much good but he also did a lot of things out of God’s will and he suffered for his mistakes along with Sampson who was mighty but still sinned. These men when we speak of them are followed by words like great, mighty, powerful and David as a man after God’s own heart. I often struggle with thoughts of am I a good man. Obviously none of us are truly all good.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Speaking through me??

I stand quietly with my mouth shut because I always stumble over my words. I get nervous, I fluster and fail when I speak from my own tongue. Words of man can be so wicked..,without a blink of an eye anger can soak up a clean rag and make it filthier than a miner’s hands. So I keep quiet to most. I’m afraid to speak because I feel the ears and eyes of people are always open to judge anyone that tries to embrace the glory of our lord. The word gets out that I have given myself to him, the one and only true God! I feel the glares of people looking at me and then it happens. I help train people in the company I work for so I get a lot of one on one conversations. As I am training in middle of my speech I get cut off.. Do you go to church? Yes I do. Then it happens.. I used to follow the Lord but I feel so terrible because I turned away.. I stop and think then all of a sussed a tingle goes through my body and words I don’t think to say pour outta of my mouth. If you feel conviction Jesus wants you back no matter what you have done. He wants the people who are broken and troubled. I have ministered to numerous people in past few weeks that I would never thought would even care. I am shy and don’t talk very much but the Lord has been showing me so much. I am blessed and do not feel worthy. I am a fool but I heard God uses fools to get to the self-righteous to show his glory. I was scared but now I am walking in faith. I thank God for using me. He has made this fool gracious and humble.

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When God says!!

moveWhen you are at work and your boss tells you to do something you do it right? Because your boss is the one that controls whether you get a paycheck! Without your check you cannot provide for yourself or your family and without getting paid you cannot eat and if you cannot eat you might wither away. So all in all you do what your boss tells you. So my thought is.. If the Lord tells you to do something shouldn’t you? I mean he’s just the one that provides you your salvation and offers you eternal life. Understandably God does ask us to do things that seem crazy or tough to do sometime.. But when we don’t move sometimes we get hurt by things or we miss something completely!! I recently missed something because I didn’t follow through like I should have and now I wonder bout it day-to-day thinking Lord just give me another shot..Now may not get that chance or maybe I will but if I do it will be on his terms and time. So my advice is. If God says move then move! Trust in him.

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