About Me

Jesus Follower, Father, Guitar Player for Faith Passage, and Worship Leader for Foundation Community Church.

As a Jesus follower, I move everyday in the direction of being a better and stronger Christian. I will use prayer, Bible study, musical ministering, and outreach to do so. I will trip and I will fall along my path but I when I stand back up I will know that He gave me the strength to do so and He is watching over me.

As a father, I am blessed by three beautiful children. Being a father has been an incredible experience and I hope that I have showed each of them that God and dad loves them unconditionally.

As a guitar player, I am always looking for inspiration that can help me become a better player and I often find that from many different styles and experience levels of other players. I am humble in the fact that I am one of millions of players and I have so much more to learn but I want to be a part of an effort to continue to provide education and possibly a different approach to playing the acoustic guitar. 

As a worship leader, I aim to bring the spirit of God into people’s hearts by means of music. My musical talent has been a gift from God and I will use it to help reach and minister to those that need Jesus Christ in their lives.

My intentions of this blog is to express thoughts and ideas, provide tips and insight, and review other artists and people that have not only influenced my guitar playing but my life.

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