In sickness and in health

22300078_sIf my resolution for 2015 was to be healthy and sickness free, I failed already.

The new year ushered in a prescription for a head cold that has left me lifeless and practically immobile. You want to get up and join the daily movement of life but the body rejects your notion and it is time to hibernate the day away yet again. But I am hopeful that in the hours to come, I may rejoin my crazy schedule and my relationship with cold medicine and aspirin comes to an end.

It is not by choice but when we are ill, we have no other option but to stop. To detach and to rest.

It is in these times that I find that my conversations with God never-ending.

Sure, I pray that he will deliver me from the sickness but it is also the time in-between the slumber of multiple naps that I just talk. There is a closeness that is felt and it is then that I can deeply feel His presence. I yearn to hear His voice and to feel His sweet comfort.

It is a solidifying reminder that I am not alone.

It is in sickness and in the health that I can draw closer.

I believe that we can extract good from the bad situations we face and even in illness the drawing closer to our Father is there for our taking.

My father was ill for more serious complications than just a head cold and he often told me before he passed that he was good with God and that His will be done. I know that my dad got up each day wanting to get back to his routine but he awakened with the reminder that his body just wasn’t up to it today. It would have been then that he would have had those conversations with his Heavenly Father and he would have felt a comfort that he was not alone and that he was in the hands of our amazing caretaker.

Dear God, please allow us to see you in all situations that we face and don’t understand. Amen.


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    Interesting to think that instinctively

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    We seek God for the spiritual healing benefit as a catalyst to man made meds.

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