Top 10 Posts Viewed in 2014

33805743_sFirst, I want to thank everyone for walking alongside with me in 2014. Your contributions of likes, comments, and writings as guest bloggers provided the encouragement I needed to press forward in my walk of faith and it helped me to see all that God was doing in others lives.

It served to be a great year where new relationships were formed and our desire to grow in The Word increased as we shared together and blended our curiosities.

As the year comes to a close, I thought I would provide a Top 10 list of blogs from my site so without further adieu and starting with the most viewed:

  1. A New Render (written by Jason Kovach) I use to chase the notion that one day I would be what I wanted to be.. I wanted to be a rock star, a poet, a fighter.. Someone that was something.  Something that the world saw as successful..
  2. Wilderness, Depression, & Stars in the Night – Jefferson Bethke
  3. Do you need to burn your plows? In just a few sentences, the call to God and obedience is so richly displayed. The prophet Elijah waited in the field for Elisha to pass with his oxen and as he approached him he placed his cloak over his shoulders.
  4. Drop our stones Have you ever had God ask you to do something that you were really not comfortable with? Something completely out of your comfort zone? For some, it to step out in faith and become a pastor or ministry leader or to even stop and help someone who is in need.
  5. Can we be heros? (written by Jason Kovach) God made us in his image but what is that image? Is it the goodness that we had before we fell or is it the free will that he gave us? Maybe it’s our looks? Maybe it’s just how we are on the spirit.. Maybe it’s everything minus the bad that dwells in our flesh. I don’t have the answers but I often wonder even though we are flawed due to the fall..
  6. Caught in a storm This past week was a challenging one to say the least. There are multiple things going on in my life and I wasn’t able to spiritually brace myself for the storm that hit me.
  7. Unfailing love Death hurts and the sting of the pain may never dissipate. This numb feeling that tugs at your heart for that loved one may linger for a lifetime reminding us of the void that exists and of the times that we shared.
  8. Being authentic Another word for authentic is genuine which means truly what something is said to be. Others say authentic is “just being real”. No substitutes, not alternatives, no fictional characters.
  9. Love her through me Frustration is birthed out of unmet expectations. Isn’t that so true? I often think of that statement when I am frustrated over something and I try to be real with myself to understand if my feelings are truly being driven by what I want.
  10. Purposefulness (written by Lance Farler) I started my walk with our great Lord about 8 months ago. Since then, my world/life has been better than ever. Every aspect of life has been made new, what a wonderful journey it has been thus far.

What’s Ahead for 2015

1. New Content

Guest blogging: I will continue to try to inspire you as the reader to contribute and challenge yourself to write and be a part of this magnificent journey.

Educational: I will begin to add more informative posts/videos that will provide tips on prayer, studying, relationships, etc.  Also, I will still be looking to develop the Q & A sessions so that they become more interactive and more on point to what we truly want to ask.

If you are interested in teaming up with me to develop new ideas on content please contact me.

2. Partnership

I seek to develop a team of individuals whose desire is to spread the Gospel through social media and to share Jesus Christ with the broken. No matter where we live or go to church, we can all come together and be a propelling force and be a light this world needs.

Check out and please join the Facebook group as I will continue to post content on that platform also.

3. Photography

So much can be expressed with a picture and next year I plan on expressing my journey and walk with God through imagery.

I know that there will be many other things that will come along the way and we all know that with God anything can and will happen.

If there is anything that you would love to see or would like to see shared please comment below.

Again, I want to express my thankfulness for all of you that have supported me and provided the encouragement and lifting up that I have needed this year. I hope everyone has a blessed New Year and I look forward to our future sharing together.




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