The clock ticks

12751593_sThere are not many hours left.

Another milestone in the life of our family completes at midnight as my daughter turns 18 years old.

I know that I am not alone in feeling excitement for my daughter as she will graduate as a young adult and begin her own walk of life but honestly over the last week I have become sad and anxious. The precious cargo that I have spent years protecting now will begin to take steps and make decisions by her desire to earn more independence. She will move in her direction with or without my input and she will begin to learn the full responsibility for mistakes that will be made.

So after the clock ticks past midnight I hope…

…that I have raised her well and that I have taught her how it feels to be loved and to love so that her future relationships are fulfilling and plentiful.

…that she will one day understand that I have tried to pour into her all the knowledge and experience that I had only to help her.

…that she will one day see the discipline as correction and not as punishment.

…that even though we have lived apart over the last few years she will see that I was always there.

…that she will always carry a part of me in her heart.

…that she knows that her daddy will always love her.

We often say, “I can’t wait for this day to be over”, but never let one end without letting someone know how much they are loved. (tweet this!)


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