I am super excited to share this post from my brother in Christ, Lance Farler. He has been such an encouragement to me and I have been blessed by being able to share in his journey and I look forward to him penning more of his thoughts in the future. 

I started my walk with our great Lord about 8 months ago. Since then, my world/life has been better than ever. Every aspect of life has been made new, what a wonderful journey it has been thus far. I can only expect the future holds great things….speaking of great things, conversations I’ve had with my fellow brothers and sisters has multiple times been centered around the word “purpose”. I think that when someone finally, fully accepts Christ in their life, they think that now everything will always be spelled out for them. There is this sense of, now I have faith and believe, we think show me the way and it should/will just happen. I will profess I was one of those people. I figured the good Lord would just write me a note or something, and tell me what some great hidden talent or “purpose” I had, and that I just wasn’t able to see because I had never I entrusted my life to him.  I’m sure for some, the note has come. For myself, no big bells ringing, no FedEx package from God. So now what….?? For me, on a cold December evening, it all became clear. For some, the Big Bang might happen and you’ll know your “purpose”. For most I believe, it will be a continual walk, of praying and learning. Becoming content with what the Good Lord provides and teaches us. Tonight, I spent some quality time with a dear friend of mine, just talking and listening. So tonight my “purpose” was just as simple as “being there”. No fan fair, nothing fantastic…..except that God put me where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. And in the end, as long as the Lord is using someone when, where, and for what he needs then what else could one ask for. Have a blessed day, always remember even the smallest gesture, can have the greatest impact…..What is your “purpose”?

Lance Farler


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