20141987_sIn the world of organizational quality systems, the plan-do-check-act process is a way of life. Without it, you will never successfully meet your vision, reach your goals, or minimize or reduce failures.

You use the same system in your personal life for many things that you try to achieve whether you realize it or not.

Plan – Like buying a house. Without a plan, you will never reach the end to arrange for the movers to orchestrate the change. Without a plan, you will never reach a financial stance that you desire or need to be at to navigate in life with fewer monetary challenges. To get somewhere takes steps. A path defined. A map for direction.

Do – With a plan comes the step of execution. This step requires discipline and focus to adhere to the road map you created. It may not be perfect but it steers our direction and it is meant propel you forward to a place you were not before. To go from okay to better. From a negative to a positive. From failure to success.

Check – Along the way, the gauges on the dashboard will indicate the health of your plan and the effectiveness of the doing. You will either receive reward or it will indicate that the steps you are taking need to change or be modified. This is the ‘check’ that leads to…

Act – Make the changes required from what you have learned and get back to executing the plan. Don’t give up and know that to accomplish what you set out to do could involve traveling in this circle repeatedly until you reach where you are headed and a new level of action is sustained.

So, do you have a plan to grow spiritually? Are you actively doing it? Is it working? Does it need to change?

Our desire to  grow in the Word, graft into the Kingdom, and become more like Christ should not go without a vision and means to get there. Some things will naturally just come to us without much effort or means but I believe that God gave us the intelligence and responsibility to go so much further in our spiritual lives and not to just sit back and wait for things to just happen.

I believe He wants us to plan, do, check, and act so that we may draw closer to him and discover the peace and joy that only he can provide.

Just some of my thoughts and I would love to hear what you have to say and also learn about what plans you may have tried to grow spiritually.


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