A Deeper Look at James – Session Three

lookatjamesHaving read the Biblical text and the handout, please respond to any or all of the questions listed below. In order to encourage dialogue with others, please refer to the question number in your response.

What kinds of things make you favor one person more than another?

Read James 2:1-13.

Labels are found in more places than on soup cans. We put them on people all the time. Funny or dull. Smart or thickheaded. Friendly or cold. There are all kinds of ways we can categorize people and our categories can have a profound influence on the way we treat people.

  1. As you’ve gone through this study, what has God revealed to you about favoritism you or your church might be showing toward a particular group of people?
  2. Why did James write that those who are poor in the eyes of the world are rich in faith?
  3. How does your financial situation affect your faith?
  4. Why is showing favoritism breaking the law of God (vv 8-11)?
  5.  How can your Christian community show mercy to the weak and poor in your sphere of influence? 


Le Peau, Andrew T.; Le Peau, Phyllis J. (2013-05-01). A Deeper Look at James: Faith That Works (LifeGuide® In Depth Series) (Kindle Locations 592-593). InterVarsity Press. Kindle Edition.


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