Light up the room


Guest post written by Jason Kovach

Have you ever sat and thought about how powerful light is over darkness?  If you wanna test this theory take a lamp and set it in the middle of an open room so it’s a fair fight. If it’s daylight and you cover your windows or you wait til night fall and the room is dark turn on the lamp. Instantly the room will light up and darkness will only hide around corners or in other rooms, and no matter what unless you turn off the light or the bulb burns out literally or metaphorically speaking darkness cannot overcome the light. It just hides waiting for the light to disappear. When you do things in the light you more efficient in just about anything you do besides sleep for the most of us anyways. That brings me to the next part, we sleep in the darkness just like if we walk away from God and stop devoting ourselves to him it’s as we are asleep because we are not doing anything.  We could be doing things we think are righteous but really that’s doing it for you so it’s truly far from walking with God. The good news is as long as we are still breathing and able to think we can still turn the light back on. Just a thought. Super 8 isn’t the only place that can leave a light on.


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