I enjoy when Jason Kovach takes time to express his talent and bring a new spin on words from his heart. Thanks for sharing JK. 

Allow me to introduce myself. I am man with no name because I have no fame in this world, but I am not ashamed because I have a name that the lips of the father gave me, and that name is a child. I am a child of God! He is my staff, my rod. He is who I lean on because without him I am just a facade! He breathed the breath of life in me after he stitched me up, so I will walk this narrow path til my lungs give up. My past is my past and yes I can see through the glass behind me that holds the sins I have committed, but what I see he forgets because I am forgiven!

My regrets are an anchor in my own mind! You see the devil is a walking land-mine. He likes to blow up in your face and make his case that you are not worthy to be a Christian, but don’t listen. The slander the snake spits is fake, a plague. He’s a faulty fake wanna be God that’s about out of time. You see he’s a failure for his wickedness and we can beat him with this revision.  A revision of our life. You see we can look back at our lives and say Jesus I am ashamed of who I was or who I am so I chose you, to live your plan. In return he gives everlasting life without sin!  Lol so now that I’m with God go ahead devil tell me where I been. Your just a reminder of why I came to God so I win.. So what!  I don’t fit in?  You can have the ways of the world I choose to live again. I am Reborn!

Renatus (Latin)


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