Let us not worry

14745378_sSeek the Kingdom above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. (Matthew 6:33)

Today, we will wake up and go about our day seeking. We will steer our days towards finding acceptance or recognition through relationships and social media. We will search for ways to make more money, become a better version of ourselves, and we will pick up the magnifying glass to peer through it trying to find time to rest in all our busyness. We will seek for something.

It’s an ongoing quest leaving us tired and empty and wrapped up in all the hype of the search is a dangerous enemy.


The what if’s, the how’s, the when’s?


There was a day when Jesus taught about worry. As he saw people gathering on a mountainside, He went up and sat down and his disciples gathered around him. In the short span of time that Jesus traveled and ministered to everyone around him, He must have sensed that we all struggle with this feeling.   He tells us that our Father knows our every need and He will provide it for us. We are to seek the Kingdom of Heaven first and we are to have faith.

Jesus is calling us to take action as His words often command us to do.

‘Seek’ the Kingdom above all else and…

‘Live’ righteously meaning with purity of thought and deed.

It is a simple formula that equals a reward from the ultimate Provider.

I pray today that God give the strength to seek Him and His Kingdom above all else and that the worldly pleasures that never fulfill do not overpower my desire for purity. In addition, that He will build a fortress around my heart that will withstand the battles with worry and that I will reign victorious for His glory.


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