Are we there yet?

Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow. – Psalm 25:4

I am five years old. In in the back seat of a 1972 Nova and we are headed down interstate I-75 to Disney World. The ultimate trip for not only me but millions of other children year after year. Even at that young age, you learn about Mickey Mouse and that he lives in this world that exists only hours away. Well, around 14 hours.

It doesn’t seem very long and a small price to pay for the reward until the trips starts and the time starts ticking away. And then comes the ultimate question that we all have asked…

Are we there yet?


It is often that we ask ourselves that very question on our trip to sanctification. The process in which we are freed from sin as we move towards complete devotion to God. The trip that as the time and the miles click away we are becoming more Christ-like. Some say it is the journey that has far greater reward than the destination or goal. Getting in that car and moving closer to Mickey for a five-year old boy took determination and patience but it was also filled with anticipation and excitement beyond control.

As a grown up and believer in Christ I get to feel the same thing.  Anticipation, excitement, and life-changing events. A trip to look forward to and a trip to plan. A trip to share with others and a trip that will test my patience. A trip that at times will feel like days or maybe even weeks and years. But, as I get up and each day and start the next day of my journey there will be those times that I will be driving down the road and ask myself…

Am I there yet?

Lord, please walk alongside me today and give me the patience and encouragement to make the trip. To not let the question, “am I there yet?”, be the roadblock that will prevent me from being the man who you created me to be. Amen.


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