Being Authentic

authenticAnother word for authentic is genuine which means truly what something is said to be. Others say authentic is “just being real”. No substitutes, not alternatives, no fictional characters. In a previous group meeting, we discussed the importance of authentic fellowship within our marriage and how if it exists between the husband and wife it will permeate into all other relationships in our lives. But do we have truly have authentic fellowship at home with our spouse? Do we truly share who we are and what we are thinking with our spouse or is that something that once existed early on but time has eroded away? Have circumstances that you have experienced tarnished the feeling of sharing and made vulnerability the enemy?

From the beginning, God has desired from us that we walk with him in true fellowship. In the beginning of His story with Adam and Eve, it is said that God walked with them in the evening in the garden. There was no sin, no guilt, no shame…just authentic fellowship. God’s picture of authentic fellowship with his creation should be our pattern. The difference, unfortunately, is that since that early example of fellowship, sin entered the world, and we all carry that with us. This is what, at times, makes it so hard to let ourselves be truly known by another – even if it is our spouse. But God knew then – and knows now – that we as humans need authentic relationships. He gave us that when he gave Adam a counterpart.

One way to share authentic fellowship with you spouse is to spend time together in prayer. The power of prayer is immeasurable when approaching God individually. But when two hands and two hearts join together to petition God and to thank him and praise him, the product is a bond that strengthens lives and love beyond measure. When we bow before God to reveal our innermost selves together…authenticity abounds.

Another way to really bond with one another and God is to spend time in His word together. Studying and reading God’s word together allows an intimacy of not only the heart but also of the mind to form. Two become one in their thinking and have the chance to share authentic thoughts about the way in which the word speaks to us individually and collectively. The Holy Spirit reveals things to all of us differently as we read and study. When spending intentional time together in the Bible, the Holy Spirit has the opportunity to reveal things to us as a couple, and authentic fellowship is found. Sharing devotional time together as a couple, literally assures that we are on the same page and that we are receiving what God has intended for us to gather from His word for us.

It is through walking together in fellowship with Him that we can learn to be who we are with ourselves and with our spouse and to be real with others.

It is our steps to become authentic.


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