The 3 ‘MUSTS’ as Christians

There are a multitude of things we will battle and be challenged with when we accept to follow Christ and there will be many that will cross our path with guidance. Some guidance we will quickly dismiss and other times we will be patient in our discernment.

But, there is 3 things that guidance has provided for many years that you must do to keep you most equipped in your walk and even though some of us maybe tired of hearing them…  they work.

See, we have become a culture that thrives on new and improved so much that it continually moves us in a direction opposite of the old. Like opposing magnets.

So, even if your relationship is the strongest right now with God or your facing trials and suffering fall back to what has been taught to us for ages and what will survive for many more. We must…

  1. Pray – our daily conversation with God. It can happen at any place or anytime which is so powerful. This is our direct link to our Creator and through this forum we can share our thoughts and feelings and build that intimate relationship. God wants us to talk to him and he wants us to share our hearts. It is through communication that any relationship can flourish and our investment in the greatest relationship is immeasurable. God wants to talk and He desires that you call on Him.
  2. Study the Bible – I couldn’t imagine my life without it and it has become my ‘field guide’ of life. There is no lost minute that could be spent in the Word and I contribute my discipline to study and learn to exponential growth in my walk.
  3. Attend church – this could be one of the most influential of the three. It is through this channel that we learn how to worship and grow in the Word of God. We develop relationships and a connection with others that can become a lifeline when in need. We are given opportunities to serve and our family has an outlet so together we can share our Lord. It is the door we need to walk through each and every week to feed our heart and soul.

Your life will go through seasons and focus will ebb and flow but there is one thing we all know we should do. We must count… 1, 2, 3.


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