Did Your Plane Fly Into The Bermuda Triangle?

courtesy of navis.gr

Originally posted in January, 2012.

I was always intrigued as a kid, and still am, by the facts and stories of the Bermuda Triangle. So mysterious. How could something that once existed enter something that seems safe and disappear forever? I think that we all have our own experiences with the Bermuda Triangle and what was once a plane of dreams has now disappeared.

Remember? That plane was awesome looking.

The wings that would carry our dreams were so shiny and spanned many feet long. The engine of persistence rumbled strong and you couldn’t wait to hear it throttle up for take-off. Patience was the fuel that filled the tank and the tank was overflowing. We couldn’t wait for take off.

It was a beautiful day when our dream taxied onto the the runway. Not a cloud in the sky and not a care in the world. You stood there in awe with goosebumps as the engine revved up and it rolled forward. This was going to be the flight that you would remember for the rest of your life. As the plane lifted off, you stared in amazement knowing that your dream had just taken off and a part of you was now next to the clouds.

All flights start out exciting and then settle down for time to enjoy the view and eventually prepare to land. But this flight wouldn’t land anywhere. It would begin to fly into a storm and its direction led it into “our” Bermuda Triangle. The place where the storms are strong and something goes wrong. Did the wings of the dream break off and the plane plummet to the water? Did the engine of persistence malfunction and the momentum stopped and the wings carried the plane as far as they could alone? Did patience runout? That couldn’t be because I know I filled the tank. The radar shows that it just dropped out of sight but that couldn’t be. That was my dream.

When we take flight with our dreams we need to remember that we will face storms and we need to prepare very well for takeoff. Our radar can’t lose site and we need to monitor the gages on the dashboard to know when our attention is needed. And above all, we need God to be our pilot. My past flights were done with an empty cockpit and I relied on auto-pilot. That doesn’t work. I have enrolled in flight school with God and he is showing me the things that will make my flights successful.

Have a safe flight.


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  1. #1 by kimberleighrusso on January 17, 2012 - 11:39 am

    Brian this is an awesome post – needed the inspiration this morning! God Bless you!!


    • #2 by Brian Suman on January 17, 2012 - 12:24 pm

      Thanks so much and I am glad that I could kick start some inspiration this morning.


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