Speaking through me??

I stand quietly with my mouth shut because I always stumble over my words. I get nervous, I fluster and fail when I speak from my own tongue. Words of man can be so wicked..,without a blink of an eye anger can soak up a clean rag and make it filthier than a miner’s hands. So I keep quiet to most. I’m afraid to speak because I feel the ears and eyes of people are always open to judge anyone that tries to embrace the glory of our lord. The word gets out that I have given myself to him, the one and only true God! I feel the glares of people looking at me and then it happens. I help train people in the company I work for so I get a lot of one on one conversations. As I am training in middle of my speech I get cut off.. Do you go to church? Yes I do. Then it happens.. I used to follow the Lord but I feel so terrible because I turned away.. I stop and think then all of a sussed a tingle goes through my body and words I don’t think to say pour outta of my mouth. If you feel conviction Jesus wants you back no matter what you have done. He wants the people who are broken and troubled. I have ministered to numerous people in past few weeks that I would never thought would even care. I am shy and don’t talk very much but the Lord has been showing me so much. I am blessed and do not feel worthy. I am a fool but I heard God uses fools to get to the self-righteous to show his glory. I was scared but now I am walking in faith. I thank God for using me. He has made this fool gracious and humble.


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