Can my hashtag get your attention?

hashtagporn |pôrn| (also porno |ˈpôrnō| ) informal


1 pornography.

2 television programs, magazine, books, etc. that are regarded as emphasizing the sensuous or sensational aspects of a nonsexual subject and stimulating a compulsive interest in their audience.

A word that almost everyone has heard. A word that when heard or read most likely takes your mind to a graphical impression of something that you have seen at some point in your life. A word now used to draw attention to tweets and posts in our social networking world that are not sexually explicit in nature.

Recently, it really resonated with me the use of that word in posts. I re-tweeted something someone had posted because the picture (not pornographic) was captivating and it was of our hometown ball field and the ensuing storm clouds that were rolling in. I try to be conscious of what I post and making sure that I at least read and understand the meaning of what is being conveyed but in this case even though I did such exercise I missed a hashtag that was buried among many other hashtags and mentions. #skyporn.

Being a recovering porn addict, I guess that I am a little more sensitive to the word and it’s use and I question if we are using it to leverage our chance to be seen or draw attention. In this case, the photo that was posted was ‘stimulating‘ and did create ‘compulsive interest in their audience‘ due to the amount of re-tweets but did it need the hashtag? Has the word now has become a suffix to enhance the chance to be seen since the adult entertainment industry is not slowing down and we have all heard the statistics of how often it is searched for and viewed online? Are we using it in context?

There is nothing wrong with the word in of itself and I am by no means judging anyone from using it I just wonder if it is really needed. Or is it because of my past desires that my mind goes to ‘that’ place before I focus on what really is being posted and shared? Can the images or quotes that are posted be enough to draw attention? Do we have to undress what what we say to get attention?



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