Sliding Square Game

slidingsquaresDon’t we spend so much time everyday trying to win at the sliding square game?

Trying to line up every detail, task, and goals in order to win at this game of life. To seek a more intimate relationship with Jesus. To be transformed even more.

Yet, the pieces seem to not want line up most of the time. The numbers still stay out of order.

Maybe we should appreciate that we have moves that we can make. Choices that can be made at any point in our journey. Moves that don’t need to line up and a game where being the victor isn’t the end goal.

See, choices we make in our lives derive most often from our selfish desire to win and achieve another accomplishment for ourselves.

In God’s plan, our inability to make the move on our puzzle for our benefit is often to allow someone else to make their move or to be moved. Allowing someone else to feel the power of how the Spirit  stirs our heart and moves the puzzle pieces.


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