Life’s too short…

Became One

LifestooshortAfter 1 phone call last month, my world was tossed upside down. My best friend, who lives in Green Bay, called and told me that her mother, who was diagnosed with state 4 Ovarian cancer 2 years ago, had only 8 weeks to live. The chemo was no longer working and her organs were beginning to shut down one by one. That phone call came at 9:53am, on Monday, February, 3 and since then my perspective on life has drastically changed. God does not promise us tomorrow…think about that…he does NOT promise us tomorrow. How would you live differently if you fully grasped and understood what that meant!!!??? I can tell you that after that phone call I can’t STOP thinking about that statement. Life’s too short not to tell the ones you love that you love them…Life’s too short not to take a break and just sit and play…

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