Who is my enemy?

enemyIt has been awhile since I have last blogged about something other than marriage but something changed that. It all started last night hearing about a Newsweek article challenging the validity of the Four Gospels. In addition, the writer agreed that Jesus was a historical figure but the other stuff, well, that is up to you to decide. Then this morning I was reading a blog about scoffers and the ever-increasing movement of the world questioning if God exists. With the ongoing effort to remove God’s name from everything, we don’t have to question where the majority stands.  We have almost completely forgotten our country’s origin and how pivotal God’s word was in guiding our ancestors.

In addition, I listened to Steven Furtick’s message titled Crash the Chatterbox and it was then that he eloquently told me who my greatest enemy is. It is not the ones that will blasphemy God’s name or those who don’t agree with what  His word stands for. It is not those that have removed religion from schools or those that will not associate their company’s image with Jesus Christ or what He stood for. The enemy is me. The voice inside my head. The one that is my biggest critic and can talk me into believing anything.

I can worry about what goes on outside of me every single day and there will be those times that I will have to especially if it involves harm that could be done to me or my family and there will also be those cases where you just can’t help but be involved. But what about that voice inside my head that could talk me out of living the life God intended for me? The voice that tells you things some of the darkest thoughts imaginable that you would share with no one and the one that can tell you not to believe. Paul must have had quite the conversation as he spent his last days in prison awaiting his execution. Feeling probably like no one else in the world understood what he was going through or those questioning why he would lead a life that would end as it did. He probably felt more alone than any other time he spent in ministry but when it came down to it he had to have been battling the thoughts in his head that probably told him that he was wrong. That he shouldn’t have believed that living what he preached was worth it all. He had to have had that talk but did he open up the dialogue with himself that could put him at risk in those final moments?

See, as Pastor Steven stated we can choose whether we open up that dialogue or not with that negative voice inside. That voice is truly our enemy and it can tell us we are worthless, harm us, hate us, and if we aren’t careful it will kill us. The conversation we have inside and the dialogue we choose to engage in will make a difference in our lives. It will set our course. The world around us will ebb and flow with or without us but the conversations we have inside will never go away.


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