Shh… your heart is speaking

xray of heartConviction. How often do you think of this word in your life? Maybe not at all and if you hear the word you may automatically think of what happens to a criminal. They are proven guilty. A verdict and feeling that we all want to avoid. Another definition for the word conviction is a firmly held belief or an opinion. One that brings less of a harsh connotation and one that we maybe able to begin to discuss more freely with each other.

This morning we had the opportunity as a family to discuss how conviction works in our lives. You can relate it to right or wrong. Even the youngest in our family knows when they do something that they shouldn’t… the heart tells them so. Amazing how that works. The heart just speaks to you that way. That is how we were created. Something a bang couldn’t create.

Our heart speaks to us beginning at such a young age but it is often not until we are an adult that we begin to listen and tailor our lives around it. We often begin to fight against it early in our lives but conviction is meant to create action not punishment. When the heart speaks and we listen we begin to act on change. Changing behaviors.

The heart will tell us the ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ things in life. It will not condemn, deliver a guilty verdict,  nor never give forgiveness. God didn’t create it that way. Remove the noise in your life enough to stop and listen. Don’t fear that the heart will mislead you. It won’t.

Just listen. Then act.


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