God Just Sent You A Text Message

text messageJules and I have had many conversations on the excessive usage of electronic devices, primarily smartphones, by our children. We know that are family is not unique when it comes to dealing with these issues but it makes us question what it does to relationships within the family and how does it promote the ability to have a legitimate relationship in the future with an employer, someone they are dating, and above all, God. Is that thing in your hand a prerequisite for communication?

It has taught us that we do not have to speak face-to-face and for the most part not even call someone. Why attend social outings to meet people and develop nurturing relationships when I can create one on the fly. Why call and tell you I am not going to make when I can just text you. Oh yeah, I forget to tell you that I want to break up with you. Meant to call but I just got too busy. I understand convenience in some aspects but it is far to easy to hide from facing someone.

Not so funny story… a couple of weeks ago my daughter text Jules to ask ME a question. WE were all in the same room.

Don’t get me wrong. I love technology and respect its importance in our lives but it has kind of dumbed us down in the core areas of family and fellowship.  Jules and I made a pact with each other prior to our wedding day that we were going to make a conscious effort to reduce our focus on our phones except for the need to communicate with our children and with each other. Let me just say that it made significant improvements in our communication with God, each other, our family, and promoted us focusing our time on more valuable efforts. This may not be what works for others but it has made an impression on us. A lasting one.

Sometimes I wish we could turn the world off for a while so that we could get to know the ones we love a little more. Ok, A LOT more. I am certain it would change our lives encouraging love and the feeling of belonging. Something often missing.

I am sure that God wants us to turn the world off so that we can have the relationship with Him that He desires. He doesn’t want to have to send you a text message to get your attention and He doesn’t need to be friends with you on Facebook. He wants you face-to-face. He just wants to talk.

For the Spirit teaches you everything you need to know, and what he teaches is true—it is not a lie. So just as he has taught you, remain in fellowship with Christ.

1 John 2:27


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