4th & Goal

footballIt’s 4th & goal with only a few yards to go. Only seconds remaining on the clock. God’s team has charged down the field on this last-ditch effort to win the game. It has been a battle against the The Devils today but it appears God’s team is poised to win. When the time out clock expires both teams will line up for one final down. The winner takes all and goes home the champion.

Your breathing now gets heavy. An overwhelming feel come over you. You have just been told in the huddle that you’re the play maker. The pitch is going to be tossed to you. In one snap, you can become the star player of God’s team and most certainly make the highlight reels of your lifetime.

But what if I drop the ball? I have run this play so many times but why do I doubt that I will remember what to do? What if there are too many defenders at the line? What if I can’t score?

Sometimes we get so focused on winning the game that we lose sight on believing and then executing based on our belief. We often don’t know how many defenders will line up against us. We will bobble the ball at times and we will get so nervous at other times that we will forget the play even after the ball is snapped. In Exodus 14:14 it says to simply stay calm. The Lord will fight for you. Just believe. 

God knows that most games we play for Him will come down to the wire and we will face 4th & goal. He knows He gave us free will and the ability to make a choice. God wants us to win every time but He also knows that without the belief in winning for Him and the discipline to execute through our faith and obedience we risk dropping the ball, stopping in front of the defenders, or failing to cross the goal line. He as the coach picked you on that game day to be the play maker. He loves you beyond measure and believes in you.

All He asks is that you believe in Him and with that you believe that He knows that this play will be the one that wins the game.

He calls our plays. We are to execute.


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