In Our Own Backyard

In Our Own BackyardTomorrow will be an exciting day for the Lord and we will get the blessing to worship the Lord with song and praise. We serve on the worship team at Community Christian Church and in addition we are leading worship at Mobile Ministry on the streets of Hamilton, Ohio. We love the organic settings when you can get right to the heart of a community and try to reach those that most have given up on. People that feel as though they have no other chance and probably have been told that in one way or another.

Pastor Felix & Kim Russo at Offerings Ministries devote their lives to reaching those who need Jesus and they take it to the streets every week with Mobile Ministry to do just that. To help those that need food or just lend an ear to listen. To aid in helping someone release the strongholds in their life of drugs or prostitution. To help them meet Jesus face to face.

In 2 Peter 2:19, Peter tells us that you are a slave to whatever controls you and what we see on the streets is appalling. There is a master out there that have taken the homeless or less fortunate as slaves. This master has told them that because of their choices and circumstances they will never be anything. That feeling loved or a sense of belonging will not come their way. But what he fails to tell them in fear is that there is a man named Jesus out on the streets and that He is looking to meet you and change your life forever. All you have to do is reach out your hand and He will help lift you up off the cold sidewalk and give you three things that last forever… faith, hope, and love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Are there people right in the heart of your community that need to be reached?

Are we really looking outside the car window as we pass through our neighborhood to see a need?

Do you see a neighbor struggling?

Do you see the need right in your own backyard?

We are the vessels led by the Spirit that need to get out in our community and neighborhood and share the Gospel. To look outside ourselves and not portray the image of the master that tells someone else they don’t matter and will not ever belong. And to introduce them to the man named Jesus.


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