Grudge match

Jules Suman

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone that you tried to resolve but they just wouldn’t let it go? If you’re breathing and have a heart beat, the answer is probably yes. There is much teaching in the Bible about this type of situation and how it should be handled by each responsible party. So why don’t we follow that guidance like we follow other parts of the Bible. I’m pretty certain we aren’t allowed to just pick and choose which parts we will live by and which parts we just will skim over because they make us uncomfortable. We are told that if we have wronged someone -a brother or sister in Christ-we are to go to them, confess our wrongs, and ask for forgiveness. Okay God…what happens when we do that, in all sincerity, with true remorse, and that person refuses to forgive? Colossians 3:13 tells us…

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