Thing 1 & Thing 2

thing 1_thing 2Most of you have either read many Dr. Seuss books when you were growing up or you had to wait until you had children of your own to be introduced. I won’t be quoting any Dr. Seuss in this blog but merely use it to illustrate that we represent two “things” in our daily walk of life with God.

Thing 1 being of God, thing 2 being of the world.

We walk with both each and everyday and we make decisions that will feed either one. The choice to feed will result in growth and make the one bigger than the other. The larger one becomes the more dominant in your decision-making as it bullies the other “thing” around. Romans 12:2 says we are not to copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. The worldly part cannot become a Goliath in our lives and if it does we need to be like David and be prepared to use our sling to take the enemy down.

Thing 1 should stand tall and without waiver. We should be without waver to nurture that side of ourselves spiritually so that we can withstand the trials that we will face. Thing 2 will always be right by your side telling you all that can be done without God but we must pray and seek Him to build our strength so we do not waver.

I did not choose to make light of the Gospel and what God can do in our lives by the use of a comical reference. I did it to merely catch the attention and illustrate that we have two “things” within us. The good and the evil. The bad and the ugly. The Spirit and the world. Thing 1 & Thing 2.


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