Radial PZ-Pre Acoustic Instrument Preamp

I took a chance on buying a preamp since my acoustic electric already has one built in but I wanted to get a fuller sound so I thought I would go for it. Plus this unit has a little more options than just your basic eq settings. This particular brand and unit is endorsed by one of my favorites Antoine Dufour. Ok, I thought maybe if I bought the pedal it would make my playing better but I should have known because in the ’80’s I bought an MXR distortion pedal like Eddie Van Halen and I didn’t sound like him either.

In all seriousness, I have been impressed with the PZ-Pre since I have gotten it out of the box. It is a stout little unit that is compact but not too small that all the controls are shoved together making reading the settings on the face of the unit difficult. It has two 1/4″ inputs allowing for two separate instrument hookups which you can switch back and forth as needed which is especially convenient if you incorporate two guitars in your set supporting alternate tunings.

It also has an FX loop which I took full advantage of hooking up a small Alesis PicoVerb  for a flange effect. You can set this unit to allow the boost foot switch to not only give your signal added power during possible a lead or melody section but also turn the effects on or off.

There are also four outputs on this unit. One is for a stage amp and is a wet channel meaning that the settings on the preamp are sent to the amp. The second is for a tuner and the channel is active when the mute switch is activated allowing tuning to be done without sending a live signal to other output channels. The last two are XLR pre and post-eq. The pre-eq is meant to send a dry signal to the board allowing the sound engineer the ability to mix the signal and is the choice if you are going to record at the board. The post-eq will send the signal as adjusted by the preamp settings and is the choice for your stage monitor.

Overall, I have not had a lot of experience with the unit thus far but that experience does include one live application and I am pleased with it’s performance. I will continue to use the PZ-Pre and tweak my sound as I go. Who knows, maybe there is even an Antoine Dufour setting that I just haven’t found yet.


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