Time To Get Up…

Wake up, it’s time for church. If you had any experience going to church when you were a kid, you heard your mom say, or yell, that many times. Today we kicked off morning services at Foundation Community Church and we no longer can sleep in having been meeting in the evenings prior to the new year. But yet, what’s happens now as an adult when you can make your own choices? What’s the next reason to justify you need a couple more hours sleep…

Man, it was a late night last night.

I have been going every week for the last _____ weeks. Everyone needs a break every once in awhile right.

I won’t have time to make it from church to the kids soccer game.

The football game starts at 1:00 and this is the biggest game of the year.

So we do what we want to do and we put God on hold. We often don’t stay up for God late on a Saturday night and he has a plan for us to play in the biggest game of all yet we don’t even suit up and walk onto the field. This morning I thought of what choices I made in my past and the feeling that I had this morning loading in for service. I was tired but energized. Through my growth in faith, my alarm goes off no matter how late the night before and the worldly games can wait for kick off time.

I need to wake up for God.


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