How Do I Answer This Question?

Last night, I shared emotions with my son of seven years. He is still struggling that his mom and dad are no longer together and it was quite an emotional time. He is such a trooper and has a huge heart that sits inside his 50 lbs. frame. It was just a moment when memories and emotions came together and he didn’t have the strength to keep it in. It is very painful to me to know that a decision that I made is causing someone that I love to shoulder the burden and left trying to understand. Even if he was an adult, it would be hard to explain but even through all of it we both turned to God for strength and clarity. Praying is a large part of my personal life but nothing compares to praying for or with someone especially one of your own children.

It was absolutely a precious moment.

My son has learned the practice of prayer and often reminds me before we go to bed at night that we need to pray and thank God.

We thanked God last night and we asked that he help us understand the path that we are on.

But as we closed in prayer he said… “why can’t God fix it now”?

This is often a question that all of us ask or someone asks us.

When it hurts we want the pain to stop.

When we need to be loved we want to feel that we are.

When his dad doesn’t live at home anymore… he wants his dad to be there when he gets home from school.

Ephesians 3:17 says, “Christ will make home in your hearts as you trust in him”.

I know that when my son gets off the bus I may not be there but his Heavenly Father is waiting for him at the door with a smile and hug and to ask him about his day. As long as we both live through Christ, he will take care of us bless our futures and one day we will know his plan for us.

I love you “little man”.


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