Believe in Faith

“Fear will cripple your dreams, however Faith in an almighty God will cripple fear”.

Last night, our Small Groups Director Duane Bishop made that statement and it has stuck with me. When I look back on over the course of my life, I had been a crippled person without the crutches. I had been handicapped all along and afraid to do something about. At times, I felt like I didn’t know what to do about it and I just gave up. I quit and accepted that this was how it was supposed to be and nothing could change it. I had quit dreaming. When I finally re-surrendered my life to God a couple of years ago the chains and weights started falling off. I started to believe that my faith would win the battle and stand the test of time and it has. God is almighty, and he has changed my heart and is transforming my life. Matthew 9:29 says, “Because of your faith, it will happen” and I believe that. Although I still face challenges and disappointments, I am living a dream and fulfilling my purpose. A gift of purpose from God.

Believe in your faith…

Fear Message by Duane Bishop.

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