David Hisch ~ Tasty Orange Studios

This past year, I have had the privilege of working with David Hisch when Faith Passage recorded our first demo cd. He is a remarkable guitar player and has an incredible ear for mixing and producing music; not to mention his finesse with Pro Tools. Having known David indirectly in junior high school, it was quite the surprise when a good friend of ours suggested that we call David to do our recording. After the very first meeting, we knew that he was our guy and from that point forward he made us feel relaxed and kept us true to our style. He is such a great guy I wanted to feature David on my blog and allow him to share a little more about himself and experiences.

I started playing guitar because all the cool kids were playing guitar.

I wanted to be cool.

I’ve yet to reach my stated goal.

But if playing music hasn’t made me cool, at least it has taught me these lessons:

It is very easy to make a noise.

It’s not as easy to make a noise worth hearing.

It’s even harder to make a noise worth listening to.

You can learn something from everybody.

Seriously, I mean everybody.

There are tons of people “better” than you.

Steal their good stuff.

There are tons of people “not better” than you.

Beware their pitfalls.

You will learn things along the way that will put everything else into perspective.

The veil will be lowered and you will see things clearly.

You will learn things along the way that will confound you and nullify context.

The water will be muddied and you will feel like a beginner.

Some things will come naturally to you.

Exploit them.

Some things won’t come naturally to you.

Practice them.

Some things are better to work on by yourself.

(When you work by yourself, you call the shots)

Some things are better to work on with other people.

(When you work with other people, there are struggles and pleasant surprises)

People who really like you will tell you that everything you do is great.

They’re not always right.

People who don’t like you will point out things that are wrong with everything you do.

They’re not always right.

Those closest to you will tell you why some of what you do is good and why some of what you do is not so good.

Listen to them more than the others.

When it’s good, celebrate and enjoy it.

(Good things don’t last forever)

When it’s not so good, learn from it and be smarter next time.

(Not so good things don’t last forever)

These lessons can be learned in many fields of endeavor.  I am grateful I have been blessed to learn them through music (one of the most rewarding and fulfilling undertakings I know).

I look forward to my continuing education.


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