Fight or Flight – Worship Leader Reflection

Nobody ever said planting a church was easy. Matter of fact, it is down right hard work and it could come with a whole lot of frustration and disappointment. However, if it is truly what you were called to do then you fight for what you believe in your heart and continue to push forward. Last night, I listened to the message Fight or Flight given by Pastor Scott Fussnecker and many things resonated with me.

Quitting… it is easy to do it. I have many times in my life but I have learned and become a better person of picking myself up off the ground and returning on the path of my heart and what God tells me to do. Quitting is not an option.

Patience… the Lord knows that I have very little of it but I am learning. He is showing me that if I believe and with effort moving consistently towards my goal his will be done.

Fight… not the physical fight but the mental. Do you really want what you feel you are called to do? Will you fight for it at all costs? Will you stand alone if it is what you believe in? Don’t let fear and doubt stop you.

Being a disciple and growing in the image of God… We can all go to church which is a step in the right direction but do we read the Word consistently? Do we act as an image of God or only on Sunday when we walk into the church? Are we acting on what our heart is telling us and ministering to others or are we afraid of what others may say or think?

As a worship leader, I am called to lead and disciple to others. I, like others, will struggle with the topics discussed but without God I will fail. He must be the center of my being and I will continue to listen and act upon what God places on my heart.


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