Antoine Dufour – Artist Choice

In October, I will have the pleasure to see this acoustic virtuoso playing live. Currently, Antoine continues to inspire me to think outside the box when it comes to the acoustic guitar including the use of alternate tunings, harmonics, and percussive techniques. This CandyRat artist also has such a diverse background of influence starting with being a fan of the progressive metal Dream Theatre, of which you will see him wear a concert shirt of theirs in some of his videos, to being a classically trained guitarist. It was when he heard players such as Don Ross and Andy McKee that inspired him to develop his style we hear today. If you have never heard Antoine before take a few minutes to sample just a few of his YouTube videos so that you can see even within his own playing a diversity that is incredible. We may only have the Dream Theatre fan in common, but I am truly excited that I stumbled upon this artist for continued inspiration.

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