Andy McKee – Artist Choice

I wanted to share this video of Andy McKee because it was this video that turned the corner for me. I stumbled upon it a few months ago during a random search and it began my out-of-the-box thinking of playing the acoustic guitar. Of course, it was very intimidating to watch Andy as well as others such as Don Ross and Antoine Dufour but I continued to get more and more intrigued with their style. Since, it has opened my eyes and ears to various techniques that I may never adapt into my style but it is more about the inspiration that will unleash my abilities and style. When I watch these players I not only have the utmost respect for them as a player but also the respect for the instrument. The acoustic guitar is truly an amazing instrument that can have its own unique voice. Jules and I are planning to take the opportunity to see Andy this fall at the Southgate House in Florence, Kentucky and it will be truly an inspirational experience.




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